The Top 100 Writers – Finding the Best Writers in History – Part 1

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It should already be evident to all of you that finding the absolute best of anything as subjective as writing is impossible. However, it is possible to glean a consensus of who is redeemed in writing, and who is not.

With that in mind, I set out to do determine what is a consensus view of who the best writers in history are. Given I don’t have time to read a sampling from every major writer, I ruled out first-hand research right off. Instead, I turned to Internet research.

The How

My belief is that there are a number of factors to balance in determining artistry. Namely, those are critical assessments of the writer’s work, readers’ assessments, and readers’ voting by virtue of purchasing the writers’ work. I was able to find a number of listings of writers – each at least 100 writers deep – that covered all three…

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