The Pagan Experience: “D” is for “Deitsch”

Grundsau Burrow

This entry was inspired by a prompt from The Pagan Experience.

Hex Sign BarnWhat does being Deitsch mean to me?

Before I can answer that, I probably need to explain to you what “Deitsch” is. You may have heard of it before under another name. It’s the culture that many people know as “Pennsylvania Dutch” or “Pennsylvania German”.  “Deitsch” is the word for that culture, and the language spoken by its people, inthat language.

The Deitsch people today are the descendants of immigrants to America from areas in what is now Germany–as well as Switzerland, the Netherlands, and France. Many of these immigrants were driven here by the aftermath of the Thirty Years’ War, including economic collapse and religious conflict. They became identified as Pennsylvania Dutch because this was where the culture initially formed, but over time, Deitsch people have settled throughout the US and Canada.

The Deitsch developed…

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