“The Goddess Hathor: Iconography”

AMNTE NOFRE (Amentet Neferet)

We are very glad to present you the study
“The Goddess Hathor: Iconography”
dedicated to the iconography of the Goddess Hathor

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-Hathor in anthropomorphic form
-The Seven Hathor-Goddesses
-The Hathor-head
-Zoomorphic forms of Hathor
-Hathor in the form of ‘menat’-necklace

Iconographic index:
I part: Hathor in anthropomorphic form
-Hathor in the breastfeeding scenes
-The Seven Hathor-Goddesses

II part: the Hathor-head

III part: Hathor in Her form of sacred cow
-Hathor as a cow-headed woman

IV part: Hathor in Her form of sacred female falcon
-Hathor as a human-headed female falcon

V part: Hathor as a lioness-headed woman

VI part: Hathor in Her form of sacred uraeus
-Hathor as a human-headed uraeus
-Hathor as a cow-headed uraeus
-Hathor as a lioness-headed uraeus

VII part: Hathor in Her form of human-headed ‘menat’-necklace

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