Metaphysical Movies: As Above So Below (2014)


I was scanning the bootleg movie list on one of my favorite websites and I saw a movie poster that caught my eye. Bright red and it looked like a obelisk at a glance so I clicked on it. Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 3.03.07 PM To my surprise the name of the movie was As above so below….hmmm Okay so I click on it,  I didn’t read  movie description which was typical of me. As I continue watching I see that the title of the movie may actually fit what the movie is about …rare these days. So I continue watching. Turned out to be actually good with a nice amount of occult/history in it.

I was going to make a video breaking down the meaning behind the scenes in it but for now ill just post the notes here and make a video later.  So if you have not seen it watch it here…

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