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Our Publishing Company:

Mad Scotsman Games – This is the gaming and roleplaying branch of our publishing company.  Founded in 2003 with a focus on d20 OGL system games. All sales are handled through, Amazon and other retailers. All publications listed below for Mad Scotsman Games are available via the store front link.

Store Front: Mad Scotsman Games
Our Facebook Page:Mad Scotsman Games

Courting Cranes Publishing – This is the speculative fiction and poetry branch of our publishing company. Founded in 2014. All sales are handled through

Store Front: Courting Cranes Publishing
Our Facebook Page: Courting Cranes Publishing

Our Publications:

“Simply Bloodlines” (Publication: January 2015):  This is a d20 racial sourcebook published by Mad Scotsman Games.  This is a re-issue and update of “Races of Consequences”.  It introduces seventeen new ECL +0 races, nineteen new feats, six new deities…

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