Six Take Aways From Ecopsychology as it relates to my Vision


This weekend I went to a conference at the California Institute of Integral Studies titled “Active Hope: Eco psychology for Therapists, Educators and Community Leaders.”

This came on the heels of my serendipitously stumbling upon a lecture/workshop on “Ecopsychology & Shamanism” shared by Indigenous Clinical Psychologist Leslie Gray of the Woodfish Institute.

During the conference 4 speakers, along with an open discussion panel, shared a variety of perspectives on the state of the field. The capstone was a stunning and inspiring talk by Superstar spiritual activist Joanna Macy.

My six takeaways from the conference:

Eco psychology is actually a very amorphous space of either potential resistance or complicity. The elephant in the room is capitalism and techno-modernity. Are we going to just give people wilderness experiences that serve as a form of anesthetic to put them back into the machine, or are we going to wake them up into the…

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