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As per Goddesses for Every Season, by Nancy Blair (Copyright 1995, Element Books, Inc., Rockport, Massachusetts), the Goddess of the Fifth Week of Winter Is Lilith. Lilith Is one of the foremost “women’s Goddesses.”  And, She has always been quite a controversial Goddess. I usually tell the…

Goddess Lilith

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“Lilith” by zummerfish “Lilith’s themes are freedom, courage, playfulness, passion, pleasure and sexuality.  Her symbol is an apple.  In Hebrew legends, Lilith is a dangerously beautiful Goddess who refused to subordinate Herself to Adam, feeling She was created as an equal. This makes Lilith perhaps the first true…

Pandora: The First Woman

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In Greek mythology, Pandora (“all gifted”) was the first woman, fashioned by Zeus as part of the punishment of mankind for Prometheus’ theft of the secret of fire.  According to the myth, Pandora opened a container releasing all the miseries of mankind – greed, vanity, slander, envy, pining –…


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  Forces of Nature are just a little alteration in its mood – it is our perception that magnifies it into a smile or a scowl.     

Universalist Readings Page Updated

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I have updated my page “Readings in Universalism.”  A couple of books and articles have been added, and some of the commentary revised. I have also alphabetized the list. If this is a topic that interests you, be sure to take a look. Also take a grander at the latest…

To Be or Not to Be: Aquinas or Pseudo-Dionysius?

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The Maverick Philosopher writes:  “My question for Fr. Kimel: Do you side with the doctor angelicus, or do you go all the way into the night of negative theology with Pseudo-Dionysus?” Succinct answer: I haven’t decided, partly because my acquaintance with Pseudo-Dionysius is so limited and partly because I have long…