A Witch’s Fire – Chapter One

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Dia Tucker Writes

Trevor stared dumbfounded. Part of Samiyah wanted to bask in this moment; regrettably she couldn’t. One of the pack would drive by in an hour. They would know a stranger was here and, if they didn’t come after him themselves, they’d call Jaegar. This had to be done soon.

Stepping aside, she said, “Come in. Make yourself at home.”

Trevor walked by and she had to fight a grimace.

Her eyes watered from his cologne. “You haven’t changed I see.”

He wore a crisp white business shirt, black pants and leather shoes; the best money could buy. He gave her a smile she guessed was supposed to be charming. “Nothing wrong with that. You on the other hand. You’ve changed a lot.” He chuckled. Sitting down on the couch he stretched out his long legs, crossing them at the ankle. “So, what’s this problem you need taken care of?”


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