History 101 – Holroyd 1837

Wandering the World

Naqa, Sudan.

     HOLROYD, ARTHUR TODD (1806-1887), physician, explorer and jurist, was born on December 1, 1806 in London, the youngest child of Stephen Todd Holroyd, merchant, and his wife Elizabeth, née Lofthouse. Educated at private schools and Ripon Grammar School, Holroyd studied medicine in Winchester at 18, the Webb Street School of Anatomy, Southwark, the University of Edinburgh (M.D., 1830) and Christ’s College, Cambridge (M.B., 1832). Prominent in medical associations, he had become a fellow of the Zoological Society of London in 1826 and of the Linnean Society in 1829. In 1830 he married Sophia Rachel Abbs of Durham. He practised as a physician in London but, dissatisfied with his prospects, entered Lincoln’s Inn in 1835. He studied Italian in Rome and in Egypt explored above the second cataract, and became the first European to cross the Bayuda desert to Khartoum and the first Englishman to visit Kordofan…

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