fear In new unknowns.

I have been mad for all of my life; it’s words and thoughts and sight and sin! The Gods know that I now fear for my life, the Gods know that I couldn’t fathom starting again! Fear itself just makes me laugh, but not that nervous shitty laugh of a Saint…fear itself makes me so mad, I tear at it-fear-Make it drink my hate! The New Unknown is a prickly cactus, it tears all my patents it leaves me red-raw…like that GASH, aptly named ‘dawn’ as if it’d explain away her every days and explain her failure to overstay; it’s what she should do if she was kind. But didn’t the man say…nothing that’s gold can stay! Nothing that’s new will weep…nothing THAT fresh ever keeps…that’s the magnificent failure of mankind and the fear that chills toes on feet. See, nothing that’s fresh can keep…it’s why everytime Dawn comes, we have to start again…so I fight it laughing, I refuse to make the slightest amends- while most and every other person is just fighting to blend-in! No not me, babe, I will fight and fuss…cover my fear and still not have to ‘adjust;’ beautiful joke is this life! Still…it’s My Must.