Thoughts on discernment

red vulture

Note: I will use the term god as a catch all for deity(ies)

Lately discernment has been a topic foremost in my mind. Have you guys ever seen this certain thing go down in kink communities, where everyone has a fetish but they’re all convinced people who don’t get off on the same things as them is nuts? Yeah, pagans and polytheists are really good at that too. But there is a point where we have to get serious with ourselves and realize when we’re normalizing–in the case of the kink example–something abusive, and there’s a point in our journeys with belief where we have to separate the gold from the dross.

I guess you could say I have some controversial beliefs myself. I think both recon and UPG are important, but I tend to value UPG above history, for example. At the same time, while I believe that popular…

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