this racism shit is tired

red vulture

I am making this post while I am pissed off, fair warning.

If you are Kemetic (or anyone really, but this is the context I’ve seen this in) and you refuse to do anti-racism work on yourself, you are giving a portion to Apep

Do you understand that? Fine, I’m just a single devotee and I can’t tell you what to do or what the gods want. Or hey, you know, those deities of old had different values, and sometimes They want to do shitty things! Fine, sure, put whatever justification you want in this space. That’s yours to do. And I did just read an interesting post about how horsing Pan is about convincing Him not to rape people. But you know what? The horse doesn’t just let Him rape people. They draw boundaries and set rules for when He appears, to protect the mortals in His presence…

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