Offerings and Ma’at

red vulture

One of the reasons I added “food” to the tagline for this blog is because food is a big deal between me and my Name. I love food (often more than is healthy, but I’m working on that) and cooking, and offering Her nourishment that I’ve created is very satisfying. I don’t usually do a formal reversal of food offerings; I prefer to share the meal with Her as we talk.

Everyone does their offerings differently and there are as many thoughts processes out there about offerings as there are Kemetics. To me, however, it is important to only offer things that were made in accordance with Ma’at. Or rather, the closest we can get in our modern lives. Remember, we’re feeding the Gods with our offerings, and we’re not giving them the mundane aspect but the spiritual one. They deserve the best we have to offer, even if the…

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