Kemeticism’s race problem

red vulture

This is probably going to be a series of posts. Think of this one as Racism 101, primarily focused on black experiences since that’s what comes up most in context. I encourage you to seek out the voices of people of color as well, rather than just listening to me, a white person.

There are people within Kemeticism that I respect and like, an uncommon thing indeed considering it’s hard to find respect and like in the same package. But it’s come to my attention that these people sometimes don’t understand one of the biggest issues that dogs the community, that of racism and appropriation. This is often not the fault of the individual, but a lack of education (a privilege), segregated upbringing (still in effect in many parts of the U.S.) and a sense of dismay at receiving abusive comments from Afrocentrists.

However, it is important that we correct…

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