You are-

Frickin. Epic. !!!


You are a terribly beautiful thing
in a terribly ugly world.
A pure thing, broken–
a many-many times
but still unwavered!

A thing I shall not grasp
or at least I hope not to
in my shaking arms–
or it will break,
just as every other thing–
as every other thing
I ever tried to!

You are– you are–
and I have no idea what am I!
So if you break your arms
on mine,
how am I supposed to feel?
Am I supposed to cry?!

Cause I forgot!
I forgot
how does a sky looks
when there are no clouds in it–
to taint it with white.

And you are– you are–
much more than something
for which I could just–
simply cry!

Much more than something
I could breath in,
and store it my lungs!

Much more than something
I could eat, to feed my…

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