Ah Christianity! My Younger Days

The Accounts of My Misery

Religion. It doesn’t really make me cringe but the thought of it isn’t appealing at all. I respect religions that value love, life and rights. I definitely abhor religions that promote hate and murder. I don’t really care what one chooses to be, as long as they don’t inflict death nor pain to others who don’t share the same point of view. My belief is as simple as that.

The following is about my experiences. I don’t really care if you are Christian (or whatever other religion). To be honest, it’s not one of my standards in choosing friends nor readers. I have many Christian friends, I have some Muslim friends, I have atheist friends, my fiance is Wiccan and I never had problems with it. Now here are my thoughts, which may (most likely) contradict yours. I never forced anyone out of their religion, now don’t force me into yours. Enjoy…

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