Heka for the New Year. Part 2 – Bless, Protect and Appease

For The Netjer

Now that your home has been given a good cleanse it is ready for blessings and protection. There’s a number of things which you can do (depending on preferences and circumstances) which you can do to bless your home and bring peace and harmony into it.

Sprinkle holy water around the house, using words of power if you wish.

Use a floor wash, sneak calming, soothing herbs under your pillow, burn a sweet incense like myrrh.

For protection, you can add protective charms at the doors or windows (or even sigils – either drawn in chalk or put onto paper and tucked under the floor mat, or even under the carpet).

You can also seal you doors and windows with specific powders or mixes; salt and rosemary is a personal favourite of mine – just mix equal parts with your mortar and pestle, or in a bowl with your hands…

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