ReBirth: The Pursuit of Porsha

So below are my top 10 vampyre flicks.

Who cares? Why the HELLZ am I blogging about vampyres?

Well I say why not?

My dreams have been saturated with vampyrism lately; not simply because I love TrueBlood, or Anne Rice has been off her rocker over Paula Deen or etcetcetc…No, vampyrism has always been a part of my personal theology; my personal heresy.

To understand my thoughts on vampyrism, as well as to begin discussion via this blog on how “VAMPIRES” — both psychich and phsyical, fit into my very eclectic brand of Paganism, one has to know my favourite theories on vampirism intimately (via my top 10 fave vampyre flicks)…let’s begin, shall we?:

#10: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter — Slavery justified by vampirism; a young president-to-be working to become the person who liberates not only the free world’s brand of thinking but initiates the start of the free world?

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