Geoffrey Clarfield: Halloween is a good time to be Wiccan

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I remember celebrating Halloween in Toronto during the 1950s and 1960s. Back then, we knew that in some way it was also a serious Christian ritual with a slightly different name (All Hallows’ Eve), honored by the Catholic Church and some Protestant sects. However, it was its secular nature and pagan paraphernalia that turned it into a joyful and exciting national children’s holiday.

In those days, Canadian children read Bulfinch’s Mythology in schools and in public libraries, which presented us with a varied stream of tales of Greco-Roman and Celtic deities and the near magical exploits of King Arthur’s court, in a diverse mythological smorgasbord. We brought that mythic world to our costumes and our Halloween celebrations. But that is now changing.

A growing number of Canadians who call themselves Pagans, neopagans, Wiccans or some variation of all three, now celebrate Halloween as a serious pagan holiday. It is difficult…

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