My Departure from the Beaten Path (Part 4)

Kírkē Speaks

After years of searching and feeling lost I began to identify myself as a seeker; not a seeker for the ultimate truth, but a seeker for my own truth. At one point I had what I have heard is lovingly called a “knee-jerk reaction” to Christianity. At that moment in time, I hated it. I hated that I had wasted so much of my life being in it and being surrounded by it. I even went so far as to extremely dislike everyone associated with it. I couldn’t even stand to hear the word Christian. At that point I went on a mission to disprove (to myself) the validity of Christianity. I found various pieces of evidence during my research such as the hundreds of parallels between Jesus and this Egyptian god named Horus, and the actual history of the Bible, its translations, and the people who influenced it. Understand…

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