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Auset, Bast…All My Patron Gods, who lit up the darkness and called me home to purpose — May you Light the walkways of eternity for this man, and let him know his words are appreciated. May you see the Summerlands ablaze everytime someone new, like me, stumbles across his words via this blog or his book — so that he remembers even in eternal Elysium, that his journey before was one that made differences & housed themselves in hearts wide-open for them to matter. Thank you for providing me with another lesson, as I stumbled across this Powerful Post and its author’s peace-filled, eloquent last thoughts as he came closer to the inevitable return we all will make one day. Love, Light, & Brightest Blessings to the ladies he mentioned that he left behind. His journey is starting anew even as I type these words…yet the path he had already worn w/tread in this life still reverbates; I am sure it WILL Humble, Remind, Teach & Prepare MANY More Times to Come! Sincerely, ~Porsha

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Jared passed away this morning, peacefully, at home, surrounded by love. This final blog post was written on 25 September when it was clear to Jared and all close to him that his time was nearing an end. To those who have followed this blog from the beginning or picked up along the way – thank you for journeying with Jared, for your camaraderie and encouragement. Sharing this journey gave Jared more purpose and fulfilment than can be expressed in words. We are so proud of him in every way and grateful for the immense love he brought to our lives. We will miss him always. Hannah and Elise.

From Jared

On Wednesday 8th October 2014, I passed away at 1125 hours.

The time leading up to my death was mixed with days of feeling well and days of feeling pretty terrible. I am thankful that we only have to…

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