I Hold My Pride Like I Hold My Son – TIGHTLY & Above All Things. Yet — I Lay It Down; I Humbly Implore You…Please Donate!

My Continued and HUMBLED **Thank You**  –to any & all who simply read my posts, and/or donated to the current campaign for my son and I at gofundme.com!

Again, please see the following link to read about our journey and/or donate to help me:

  • pay for vehicle repairs to get my son to school/doctor’s appointments, etc.
  • sparingly furnish our apartment
  • purchase food, toiletries; pay our MANY medication co-pays, etc.



~May Her Light Shine Upon You, and Bring Small Blessings & Tiny Miracles to Your Hearth and Home~

Love and Light!


~Porsha & Lucian~