Heron’s Rules of Modern Witchcraft

Heron's Rook

ravenThere I lay napping, when what came rapping on my 6th chakra door, but two flights of thealogical fancy, that changed my thoughts forevermore!  Lo, that fateful Mabon day!

I have a story for you that I will dub: The Mabon Day Revelations. So much to share, so many ribbons finally tied into neat, understandable bows.  All POE-etics aside, let me paint the backdrop of this vivid moment of September 23rd for you:

The Sojo Traveling Road Show just returned from the epic adventure to vend at the Pagan Pride Raleigh festival the previous day, and I’m considerably exhausted. It was a lovely weekend spent in the company of 3000+ pagans who meet with such good will every year. This is also a family reunion for us, as we get to see many from our Tribe who live in that area.

We’ve also just held our first Sojo Tribe…

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