rosicrucian museum, San Jose, May-2005, 215


“Enemy Spirits,

Come to finish my fate

Nothing you do

Can cause me to dissipate

I am forever

I am EVER, For and Ever

I am Always,

Now and Then

I am of the gods

My gods, your gods and theirs

Make mincemeat of your decisions

Deal you heartbreak, make u have care

She’s not one for playing

Dashboard-Diner Lady in my Dreams

She creates miracles, chased death with miracles!

Her servants watch; at her behest

She is Mystery

My Mother, calling loudly

Been calling since the day I came back…been calling, preparing me for attack

Been calling, preparing me for these lessons

Been listening, learning, laughing–loving all

Been loving; loving freely, with no cause

Better spread it, she demands and claims it all

She is Mystery,

Only to those who won’t know her

She is Madness; Milk and Butter mixed with Sin!

She is coating–covered baskets bearing offering

She is in Me, She is in You–

She Is All.