I believe in Satan.

Thorn Mooney

Rather, I believe in Satan insofar as there are other religious people out there in the world who believe in Satan. To my knowledge, I haven’t had much direct contact with him (though, if I listen to my evangelical friends, there’s all kinds of Satan going on all around me all the time), but, given no reason to do otherwise, I believe in him insofar as I believe in a myriad of other gods and spirits with whom I have minimal to no contact. I believe in Satan in the same way that I believe in Hera, Ishtar, Quetzalcoatl, or Anansi. None of them are my gods, and so I have little to nothing to say about them—I leave that to their devotees.

I only mention Satan here because I’m constantly subjected to the refrain of, “Wiccans don’t believe in Satan!”

And I want to point out how little fucking…

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