Big Things Brewing

Thorn Mooney

Piedmont Pagan Pride Day is fast approaching and I’m in the midst of workshop preparations. I’ll be leading a discussion concerning the role of nature/Nature in contemporary Paganism and, essentially, arguing that “nature” is as man-made a concept as any of our local skyscrapers. As both a happy urbanite (who desperately misses the roar of DC traffic—not even kidding) and an avid outdoorswoman, I’ve come to see phrases like “earth-based religion” and “connecting to nature” as misleading at best and outright nonsensical at worst. I’m hoping to push some buttons, inspire some conversation, and leave people with a better appreciation for the actual place they live instead of fostering a (mostly useless) fantasy reminiscent of Walden Pond. We’ll also be talking about practical strategies for actually connecting to physical spaces.

Also that day, I’ll be representing Gardnerian Wicca on an interfaith panel. Interfaith usually strikes me as somewhat dubious, given…

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