My Hymn to the Great God Set, Composed on His Birthday (July 29, 2014)

amor et mortem

Homage to Thee, O Suti!

Homage to Thee, O Ladder of Set!

Suti joins together my neck and my back in strength;

May nothing happen to break them apart.

Mighty One of the Two-Fold Strength,

Son of Nut,

With Your iron harpoon

Fetter my foes on this day!

Force restraint

O bone of Typhon

Smai Smai Smai

King of the Northern Sky

Crocodile who explodes from the waters to seize His enemies,

Raging boar,

Roaring hippo in the marshes,

Braying ass at the threshold,

Thunder in the Horizon of Heaven,

To my foes declare:

“You shall be cut in pieces,

And your members shall be hacked asunder.”

Husband of Glorious Nebet-Het,

Lady of Life,

Establish the crown upon my head

Even like the disk on the Head of Ra,

Give me life, strength, and health!

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