Abus Coritani and the Battle with the Green Knight!

Abus Coritani

It was a dull, cloudy day as we drove through Derbyshire, and the car park at Gradbach not the easiest place to find, but eventually, we arrived. Amazingly the car park was almost full, clearly some people knew how to find it!

We were the first to arrive, but not long after our friends turned up. We were a very small party for our adventure into the unknown, five adults, two children and three dogs. Undaunted by the task ahead, we set off!

It was a good start on a small country road for a short distance before veering off on to a wide public footpath down towards Gradbach Mill and the river.

As an added bonus, the pathway was lined with wild raspberry bushes. A delicious snack to send us on our way.  As we got to the bottom, the imposing Gradbach  Mill came into view. It is a…

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