Naked Pagans

Druid Life

After last year’s Druid Camp, I wrote about my experiences of Naked Men, so it seemed like a good time to revisit the subject. I’ve been to Druid Camp, there was nudity. Unlike last year, I went in knowing I could cope perfectly well with the exposed bodies, and that nothing bad would happen. As predicted, it was all perfectly fine, comfortable and easy.

However, as I was spending less time fretting, I managed to do more observing and thinking (not in a pervy way!). What occurred to me, was this:

In a space where nudity is normal, nothing can be inferred from the presence or absence of clothes, nor from the degree of clothedness. In normalising nudity, what you do is wipe out any scope for people thinking that bare skin equates to sexual consent. I think there’s also an effect of undermining the erotic power of nudity, too…

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