Meanwhile, just outside of ferguson…

This is kind of amazing.

NO. …it IS amazing. In the middle of all this, in the midst of just trying to make sense of it and how it could still happen in this day and age…I stumbled upon #this.

This is the human spirit. And we ALL have a piece of that great spirit inside.of is….and the great spirit has no color.
Love &Light,

don of all trades

I followed a trail of blood up the concrete steps as Deja vu overtook my thoughts.

I’d been here before, just a few short months ago, doing the same exact thing, following a trail of blood to an open front door.

As was the case then, on this night there had been another call for shots fired heard coming from the street.

A trail of blood, an open door and no body to be found.

Just like last time, the person was taken to the hospital by a friend, so we wait to hear from the hospital when they make their mandatory call about somebody coming into the emergency room with bullets in their body.

As I was checking the house for another injured or dead person, I couldn’t help but notice that the house was exactly as it had been before.

There was no furniture in the living room…

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