Sekhmet the Empowerer

my patron, my closet confidante, my fire….#BlessedSekhmet



Sekhmet from the temple of Mut at Luxor

Sekhmet, daughter of Ra, the sun god, is a goddess that, next to Hekate, has my utmost admiration, reverence and devotion. Her name is related to such words as strong, mighty and violent, and thus to the creative and destructive power of the Sun. The ancient Egyptian word “sekhem” meant power. She is a goddess included in the so-called Triad of Memphis, which included her consort the God Ptah (the Creator of the World) and the God Nefer-Tem (the Healer and Physician), their son. In Memphis, a Mystery School called the House of Life was devoted to worshiping the Triad.

Sekhmet is a very ancient, primordial goddess, as Robert Masters put it:

“She came into Egypt from a place unknown and at a time unrecorded. Some of Her Names refer to this very great antiquity—Lady of the Place of the Beginning of…

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    1. 100% devoted to her, Hon! 😉 She and I have a long history together, since i was a young girl…thanks for the great and informative blogpost on her, I’ve shared it with several friends that have questions about her.. Great reference piece. 😉


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