Gold Lion Moon

The 11th House

Achaemenid Gold Lion Achaemenid Gold Lion

The New Moon in Leo brings the brightness of the primary alchemical goal, the turning of lead (the undifferentiated self) to gold (individuated consciousness). Jupiter conjunct the sun (which fuels everything in the chart – learn more about the sun’s transits here) is boosting the energy sky high, so take advantage of this once every 12 year connection in Leo. Think: What intentions will I set?

On an inner level, the new moon lights up the heart chakra, the anahata chakra. It means unhurt, un-struck, unbeaten. Here is something more than optimism or hope. It is the reality of well being each of us hold in the center of our hearts. Tap into that strength.

The New Moon at 3 Leo conjuncts Talitha, a binary star in Ursa Major representing heart, strength and compassion. With this energy, we look into the heart…

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