The one named Thom, poem by Michael Mark (Self-Portrait Poetry Series)

Silver Birch Press

The one named Thom
by Michael Mark

If you want to find me in my poems
I’m the buck teeth
And the weather—
That’s about to change

I want you to know that I write
To find you
In fact I put you in them
Like the lost dog’s itch
And the unspecified fragrant powder
That sticks to the sink
The one named Thom, he was you
And the hummingbird
Who hovers and never lands
Sometimes you are the one I call I

You take over and write the poem
About anything I want, as you

SOURCE: “The one named Thom” by Michael Mark originally appeared in the San Diego Poetry Annual: The Best Poems of San Diego (2014), available at

IMAGE: “Hummingbird” by Sharon Cummings. Prints available at

michael in dingle1

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Mark is a hospice volunteer and long-distance walker—his latest journey was the Camino…

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