Fiber Arts with Magic

Orange County Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess

Fiber arts have been a part of human society for eons and lore tells us that it has been used in the magical arts all along.  There is a rich and deep history to the fiber arts, with as many uses and spiritual practices as there are facets to a diamond.  Your mind and imagination are the key to unlocking your journey with the fiber arts and magical arts.

I got involved with fiber arts and magic virtually at the same time in my life.  Seems the two just went hand in hand.   Some of the same people who introduced me to the Craft also introduced me to the fiber arts.  As my work with fiber arts  grew so did my work with magical arts; and later, Reiki was added into my spinning, knitting and weaving.  I tend to spin more than knit or weave, so for the purpose…

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