Interview with Tess Dawson, editor of Anointed

Temple of Athena the Savior

Hello all. Today I am interviewing Tess Dawson, the editor of Anointed, the newest Bibliotheca Alexandria anthology celebrating the Deities of the Near and Middle East.

Full disclosure: I have nine poems published in this book.

How long have you been a Canaanite Pagan? Also, what term do you prefer to refer to your religion by?

Hi Amanda, it’s great to chat with you. I’ve been honoring the Canaanite deities for over twelve and a half years now, and I practice the religion of Natib Qadish. Natib Qadish, more accurately rendered natibu qadishi in Ugaritic, means “sacred path.” Originally there was no word for religion in Ugaritic because it wasn’t a separate institution: believes and practices were interwoven into life. There is a passage in Ugaritic literature which asks the deities to guide people through the “sand-swept paths of wilderness,” and I couldn’t find a better metaphor for religion, hence…

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