Staying in Touch

Sekhmet Nebet Senedju

I talk to Sekhmet daily.  I talk to Her several times a day even.  I often ask for Her help, sing Her praises, or desperately entreat Her help for a loved one or friend who needs healing.  The thing is, She doesn’t always talk back.  She often doesn’t talk back.  How do I know She is listening?  Is it possible that She may not be?

These are things I ponder when I read of some folk’s interactions with Netjer.  I wonder at those who have a best friends kind of relationship with the Divine.  What are they doing that I am not?  Am I listening hard enough for my Mother?  Maybe She doesn’t have an opinion about the things I eat and do on a daily basis.  Perhaps the things on TV don’t interest Her.  I am not sure.

The thing I do know is that Sekhmet does listen to…

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