NEWS: Archaeologists unearth 5,600-year-old tomb complete with mummy that PREDATES the First Dynasty of pharaohs

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20140510-175617.jpg Treasure trove: Archaeologists in southern Egypt found a mummy that predates the First Dynasty and the unification of Egypt together with an array of precious objects (pictured), the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry announced (Source: The Daily Mail).

“From the country’s enormous riches to its complex religious rituals, there is an enduring fascination with Ancient Egypt.

But now a 5,600-year-old tomb has been discovered that could shed light on a time before the First Dynasty of pharoahs.

Archaeologists in southern Egypt unearthed a mummy that predates the unification of Egypt, the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry has announced.

The tomb was built before the rule of King Narmer, the founder of the First Dynasty who unified Upper and Lower Egypt in the 31st century BC, the ministry said in a statement.

It was discovered in the Kom al-Ahmar region, between Luxor and Aswan, on the site of Hierakonpolis” – via The Daily Mail.


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