NEWS: Ramesside tomb of Egypt’s royal ambassador discovered at Saqqara

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20140508-223759.jpg New Kingdom tomb discovered at Old Kingdom site at Saqqara, a find that officials say will transform the location into an even greater tourist attraction (Source: Ahram Online).

“Journalists, photographers and top officials flocked to a site south of Unas Pyramid causeway at Saqqara necropolis on Thursday to admire a newly discovered tomb that, according to experts, “will change the history of the necropolis.”

Archaeologists from Cairo University stumbled upon what is believed to be the tomb of Paser – Egypt’s royal ambassador to foreign countries during the late Ramesside period as well as the army archives holder.

The tomb is temple-shaped and consists of a portico entrance, pillars hall and a peristyle court, which contains the main burial shaft in the centre and opens directly onto a sanctuary with three rooms.

“It’s a vey important discovery that add more to Egypt’s history and political status with its neighbouring countries,”…

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