The Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Empowerment of Being Carfree

Pagan Activist

car free Sunday Last year I was on Dee’s radio show, PaganFM .* On it I discussed how I wanted to go car free but, because of poor public transportation choices in my area, I didn’t feel I was able to. I was torn. I wanted to give up the Ultimate American Status Symbol (UASS…how appropriate!) but feared doing so. What was I so afraid of? Being trapped. Of being un-free.

I am now car free. What pushed me through my fear? Finances. I admit, the financial cost of my car is what drove me (no pun intended) to make the decision to go car free and not the idea of putting Mama first as I said on Dee’s show. My car was getting more and more expensive every year. It was a decade old with 200k miles on it. Bobcat, the name of my car, needed work which cost more than it…

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