Please pray for South Sudan. Mass violence could soon “spiral into genocide,” warns Congressman. Situation “eerily reminiscent of what happened in Rwanda 20 years ago.”

please please please, good mojo/thoughts/prayer/and ACTION to save these girls!

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SouthSudan-infographic Last week, I was in Jerusalem at Yad Vashem with hundreds of Jewish and Christian leaders from all over Israel and around the world for “Yom HaShoah,” Holocaust Remembrance Day. Together, we honored the memory of the six million Jews who were murdered during Adolf Hitler’s wicked pursuit of genocide. Together, we pledged, “Never again” — the world must never again turn a blind eye to Satanic efforts to exterminate the Jewish people, or any people.

I was invited by the “Christian Friends of Yad Vashem” branch or the Holocaust memorial because of my new book, The Auschwitz Escape, which I wrote both to educate people to the terrible history of the Holocaust and to mobilize people to learn from that history and be vigilant against genocide in our time.

So today I must write about a ghastly situation unfolding in Africa that deserves our focus and our action.

Christians around the world urgently…

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