you’re going to pay in advance,
for every shifty little thing you’ve done to me
eat the dirt stuck to my shoe
reel in and experience the heart of me

you thought it’d be that easy
to dismiss the mother of your progeny
the joy of the hunt is like rainbows
scent of his fear like honey

you’ll think twice before you hurt another
selfish sack of skin that is you
self-centered, immature, and useless
he’ll think twice before disturbing another auras hue

people like you are wasteful
your only pleasure to use others for your gain
can’t even drive a car
can’t even take care of another’s pain

selfish, self-centered and trifling
looking for a mommy vs. a queen
well you’ve found the heart of the mommy
you’re going to learn the definition of mean

welcome to the rude awakening
welcome to the loss of your soul
pitiful little drama-queen
never again shall you be whole

your pettiness repaid in spades
your immaturity repaid in blood
I call upon those who feel me
I call upon those who live above

they sanction their blessings with fervor called upon, they immediately understand
no longer afraid of the consequences
I raise up my shaking hand

may he feel everything he put me through
may he reap everything he’s sowed
to the ancestors and gods my cry carries
welcome to my pain, your curse, until your path becomes old

and when you’re old, remember the family you forgot
when you’re close, remember the son you refused to raise
when you’re old, know that you were in the wrong
damn near old, May the Gods put you in your place!

for every lie the coward told as cover-up,
for every time he said “it’s about me, not her!”
welcome to the pain of what your actions bore
welcome to the fire, a din you’ve never heard

welcome to your son becoming a man,
realizing you never were fully one
welcome to your lies bearing fruit
without another sentence, we are done.