Smocking Stitch

tin can knits

The beautiful Gather hat and cowl that Alexa designed for Knit City uses an interesting technique called smocking.  This technique gathers stitches together to create a richly textured fabric.

Smocking is simple to achieve (it’s less fiddly than cabling), and all the steps are described below!

Smock 6: insert RH needle front to back between 6th and 7th stitch on LH needle, draw through a loop, place this loop on LH needle and knit it together with first stitch on the LH needle, k1, p2, k2

(RH = right hand, LH = left hand … find a full list of knitting abbreviations here)

You can break this down into 6 steps:

  1. insert RH needle from front to back between 6th and 7th sts on LH needle
  2. wrap working yarn around RH needle tip (just like when you knit)
  3. draw up a loop (just like when you knit)
  4. place…

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