Leadership Lessons From Alexander The Great

Anas Ebrahem


Alexander became king when only 20 and in an amazing eleven-year journey of conquest rode 10,00 miles, fought 70 battles without losing a single one and conquered all the way from Egypt to India – half the known world of those times. All this in a life spanning a mere 32 years! Obviously an achievement of such epic proportions could not have happened without the display of some amazing leadership qualities. What leadership qualities of Alexander made historians label him ‘Great’? Here are some of the incidents from the short life of Alexander, that are illustrative of his leadership style and which we could take lessons from.

This man is an interesting study in the art of leadership, and today’s leaders should take note. Here are some of Alexander’s lessons for general managers and sales managers:

  1. Have An action orientation: Action was what Alexander wanted from life. He hated a…

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One thought on “Leadership Lessons From Alexander The Great

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    A great read for anyone. Very informative, and helpful to those who are either climbing the ladder or working at the top. If many a manager I dealt with had thought like this, I would have stayed where I was for much longer; but I didn’t. I had years in, and here comes someone my junior trying to “conquer”, sometimes though, people don’t want to work with you: they wish to defeat you instead. *sigh* Such is life sometimes…..


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