Isis, Horus, and the Holy Day of December 25th


Hello, Isiopolites!

Re-run day today as I am working all weekend at my company’s annual Warehouse Sale…happy people buying sharp objects. Thought you might enjoy reading how Horus’ birth became associated with Dec 25.

It doesn’t take much of an internet search to discover the “fact” that the Goddess Isis bore the Holy Child Horus on December 25th. Frequently, the statement is used to dismiss the Christian tradition of the birth of the Christ on that day (and by inference, Christian tradition in general) as “mere Pagan superstition.” Frankly, this has been driving me a little crazy for years—for a variety of reasons.

First, there is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the bringer of the light of Christianity to its believers, at that time of year when the light of the sun begins its return to the world. It is the perfect symbol and early…

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