Tales of the Hunt: A Dream

The Wytch of the North

This month, I’ve noticed my dream landscapes becoming more vivid and more strange, with some weird phenomena happening when I first awaken (things seen in the room, moving figures suspended in midair…and no, I’m talking shadows; it sound very seventies horror movie, but I’ve wondered if perhaps it’s ectoplasm).  In what passes for my “waking life,” I’ve been walking part of the way home from work in the afternoons (I began this to counteract the hours of sitting at my desk, and to hopefully lose some weight, and then it began to feel like part of my Duties, as well as a pleasant interlude away from increasingly crowded buses). My path takes me through the wetlands, where I will often see (in broad daylight) people who are not physically there, and are not really people, figures that are at first in one place and then another, figures of people or animals…

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