Tales of the Hunt: A Dream

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This month, I’ve noticed my dream landscapes becoming more vivid and more strange, with some weird phenomena happening when I first awaken (things seen in the room, moving figures suspended in midair…and no, I’m talking shadows; it sound very seventies horror movie, but I’ve wondered if perhaps it’s…

Isis, Women & Magic in Antiquity

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The astral light! We are just starting a semester on the incredibly broad topic of “Magic” at Hermetic Society here in Portland. I’m up in December, so I’ve been thinking about and researching the topic lately. With a subject like magic, one of the first things you have to do is…

Proklos’ Hymn to Athena

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Here is Elani Temperance’s post about this Hymn to Athena. Proklos’ Hymn to Athena Hymn to Athena by Proklos (8 February 412 AD to 17 April 485 AD) Daughter of ægis-bearing Jove, divine, Propitious to thy vot’ries prayer incline; From thy great father’s fount supremely bright, Like fire resounding,…

Aset from Nut

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Has anyone found any information about Nut’s worship influencing Aset’s or vice versa? Aset has many attributes shared with both Nut and Hetharu: Lady of the Sycamore, Tree Goddess, Lady of the West (Amenti), Eye of Ra, Giving Birth to Ra at Dawn and Creation, Celestial Cow Goddess, Mehet…

Men, Men, Everywhere by Kecia Ali

I recently published an essay in the British quarterly Critical Muslim. In it, I chose books on Muslim thought and reform by three prominent, well-regarded male scholars and I counted mentions of individual women in their indexes, their texts, or both. I didn’t have to count very high. I looked at how often they cited…

Mrs. Herod‏

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King Herod (73/74 BCE – 4 BCE), founder of the Herodian Dynasty, was a Roman client king of Judea, a subordinate state of the Roman empire at the time. Funnily, Herod’s first wife was called Doris. He had ten wives in total.