Gods’ Struck!

“Alice: You’ve gone quite mangy, cat…but your grin’s a comfort.”

Cheshire Cat: And you’ve picked up a bit of an attitude, still curious and willing to learn, I hope.” – from Alice in Wonderland

I must confess something. While I am one of the most tolerant people I know, I am completely INTOLERANT when it comes to Atheism. I truly, truly despise the topic, subject, and practice of Atheism. While I respect the right for every human-being on this earth to “practice what they preach” (sans hurting or killing others of course!)

I just cannot get behind anything that promotes FACT OVER FEELING. To me, Atheism is just one more step closer to full-blown spiritual and sensory DEATH that every generation come after Generation-X has now been born into this world with. More on that, but let me rewind for a second…

Have you ever been touched by the divine? Seriously, have you ever seen/felt/or heard the voice(s) of the gods? And if so, what did they show you? Why, you? What did it mean? I call it being “God-Struck;” the veil slipping just a notch, when you must need to hear a message from your gods…but ESPECIALLY, ESPECIALLY when you don’t need to hear from them. I can speak from personal experience; there is nothing like the feeling of being touched during your normal, everyday life by the actions, wills and words of the gods.

I don’t write this just in reference to my conversion to Paganism, my first true communion with my patron and Mother Goddess, Aset. I write this in reference to every single “small blessing and tiny miracle” I ever did see. The touch of the divine always comes at the most inopportune yet necessary time, for me. It’s not during or after ritual; it’s not when I’m screaming their names at the top of my lungs. It’s always and ever at my quietest moments – the moments when I realize just how badly my life COULD have turned out if what others’ call chance—I call it intervention, mind you!–had not made a way. These are the times in my life I remember most fondly, because their occurrence changed the course of my life for the better. It’s these times I think of, these “God-Struck” moments that made me deign to turn my head when I first saw the article written on the ‘God Graveyard.’

The God Graveyard; it happened on the campus of the University of North Georgia, via the North Georgia Skeptics Society (http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2013/10/31/college-atheists-place-god-graveyard-on-campus-200-tombstones-of-gods-we-no-longer-worship/ ). Long story short; 200 Mock Tombstones were placed on a busy portion of campus—each hosting the name of an ancient god now considered part of mythology. Below the name noted on the tombstone? A question for every person that passed it: When will your particular god join this mix? Atheists…people who promote themselves as the most rational, and most tolerant group of ‘groups’ in today’s modern world. They’ve worked hard to set themselves above every religious, political and separatist group out there. In my humble opinion, their reach goes well beyond that of simply not believing in what one may classify as mythological or diety-based sects. In my humble opinion?

Their reach has moved past community and solidarity. And when that’s official? You become a part of the public buffet; open and ready for public consumption. So, let me make my humble opinion the metaphorical fork in the road; their actions and obvious direction as Atheists? – the food on my plate. You cannot attack every single belief and inadvertently, every walk in life by making a “statement graveyard” in a public place – yet, say that it’s totally non-confrontational. By creating this graveyard, this particular Atheist group called out every religion (past, present and future) that is out there! They pointed their stanky little fingers at traditions, practices and ways of life that they know nothing about. They claimed both knowledge and experience – whether minimal or omnipresent—of ideals, practices and experiences that in essence they don’t know nor will ever know anything about! Who are these people, these groups who call themselves Atheists—to claim what DOES or DOESN’T exist in regards to a faith in practice that they’ve never once – if ever – tried to learn and experience from start to finish.

In my humble opinions, it’s the same thing as saying “computer science doesn’t exist” – though I’ve never even taken one C++ course a day in my life. WHO AM I, to say something I’ve never once experienced/participated in, is not real? Who am I to say that for those that have immersed themselves in the study/experience/or Worship of something, are wrong? It’s as simple as that. The doors of perception, one way or the other, are relative only to the individual or entity experiencing them.

When it comes down to it, some are more attune and open than others. And some? They refuse to open to that which cannot be explained away. It’s who they are and always will be—but that’s ok.

In finish, a quote from an article I read today:

“Absolute truth exists. And truth is not determined by the majority, but by the Truth-Giver. Most important, truth matters and consequences exist. We must be willing to discuss this so we can distinguish between good and bad ideas; or risk the consequence of being held back as individuals and/ora nation; or worse. If we don’t want to accept this, pray the pagans are right so that in the end it doesn’t matter.”http://www.lcsun-news.com/las_cruces-opinion/ci_24469132/pagans-postmodernism-and-possible-consequences

Until we meet again…

Brightest Blessings, ~PW


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  1. I don’t blame people for not being able to experience the divine, be it due to personal traumas, experiences, or just plain being spirit deaf. But the atheists you refer to are militant atheists. I assure you that not all of them are as obnoxious. And the hatred flows both ways, actually.

    When I was at my community college I was part of a group called Secular Student Alliance. It promoted secularism and humanism, and almost all of its members happened to be atheists (including myself). You would not believe the amount of hatred there was directed toward us. I remember one day we had a table set up in the quad with information about secularism in pamphlets on the table. We were not bothering anyone, just sitting there. However we’d have people walk by and give us dirty looks. We even had one guy as he walked past mumble something like “You people *grumble*” and when I said “Excuse me, sir? What did you say?” he said angrily “You people are the spawn of the devil.” I was flabbergasted. While obviously our agenda involved emphasizing the importance of scientific reason, it doesn’t necessarily have to be to the exclusion of religious experience, since science has no business commenting on anything but physical matter anyway!

    I’m religious now because I’ve been touched by the Divine, as you talk about, but that doesn’t eliminate my firm belief in the importance of science and logic. It’s just I know when using it is appropriate, and when it is not. What a lot of militant atheists have done is create a cult out of science itself, without fully realizing that it’s limited to its spheres of influence. The scientific method is not the end all be all of knowledge. It’s but one tool of many.

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