Matthew Shepard Is a Friend of Mine…by Marie Cartier

Matthew Shepard died October 12, 1998 – fifteen years ago.  This month I have already attended three events memorializing his death. The first was a screening of the Emmy-award winning teleplay The Matthew Shepard Story  (starring the amazing Stockard Channing as Judy Shepard), where I served as the moderator for an impassioned question and answer session…

Ode to Mum – Source of My Being by Jassy Watson

Lately I have been contemplating my ‘source of being’. I had always assumed it was my connection to the earth. It is this of course, but my revelation came when I realised it was the connection to my mother, and my connection to her mother – me as mother, and not just my birth mother,…

Site Update

Originally posted on Fiercely Bright One:
I have updated my site! The former links section is now under Resources. I have added taboos and more information to About Aset section. I have a working-in-progress festival calendar for Aset: Festival Calendar. I have added a Charities section.