My Mother Aset

Fiercely Bright One

In many ancient hymns and prayers the Kemetic deities are referred to as Mother and Father or even both (*looks at Nit and Khnum*). As one creation story dictates, we are children of the gods. Humans were created from either Ra or the Eye of Ra’s tears (which came about out of either joy or rage, depending on the myth). Aset, as an Eye of Ra would share this attribute as well. As an aside, this seems very appropriate to me as Aset is shown as joyous or sorrowful and even an avenging Goddess when it came to the Wesir Mythos; so it strikes me as appropriate that as an Eye of Ra, She created humanity from either tears of joy or rage.

Aset is known as an Eye of Ra and a Fierce Mother. She protects Her son and husband with flame, while wielding a blade. She killed Set’s…

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