Windsors Aren’t Seth MacFarlane’s First Royal Send-up

tiaras and trianon

family guy and the british royal familyEvery British Media source is already abuzz with the news that November 4th episode “Family Guy” of be a send-up of the British Royal family. The above drawing was released yesterday almost immediately after the release of the new “official” Windsor family portrait. (I guess it was a slow news day in the UK, no mention has been made of it in the US media.) Although, I must voice issue with Sky News or the Daily Mirror for saying “It’s no secret that Americans love the Royal Family.” Well, don’t we have and ego?

Perhaps “a curious fascination” would be a more accurate term, yet still only accounting for 20% of the population, tops.  Monarchies are so very foreign to us–no pun intended–and the press would have us believe that the British Royal Family is the only one that exists. (Please. The Swedish Royal Family would be much more popular than…

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